CCM Mandate:

The CCM is a multi-sectoral body whose function is to oversee proposal development, planning, implementation and resource utilization of the Global Fund support in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria.

Functions of the CCM

  Mobilise resources for HIV, TB and Malaria from Global Fund

  Nominate principal recipients to implement the grants

  Oversee implementation of Global Fund grants in Eswatini

  Engage stakeholders in periodic program reviews

  Approve mid-term requests for continued funding

  Ensuring harmonisation and consistency between Global Fund assistance and other resources available in support of national HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis programmes

  Ensuring all CCM constituencies are involved in the decision-making process.

  Harmonize GF grants with the national fiscal cycle

Principles of Eswatini CCM

  Partnership. The CCM is an effective forum for bringing together key stakeholders; seeking active engagement in the national context, with balanced and well-qualified representation across all sectors.

  Engagement of key populations, people living with or affected by the diseases, and civil society in a way that allows their input and voices to be heard.

  Oversight. Eswatini CCM oversees the performance of the Global Fund grants. CCM oversees grants and supports PRs to address risks and bottlenecks

  Building on national structures. Eswatini CCM works at the highest level responsible for multi-partner and multi-sectoral development planning in Eswatini

  Sustainability and transition. Eswatini CCM plays an important role in assisting the country to implement sustainable programs and supporting transition preparedness.

  Good governance. The Eswatini CCM Secretariat operates in a way that is aligned with good governance, including transparency of information, equality among members, accountability, and conflict of interest management. Core Functions and Eligibility Requirements

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